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Cardify Customer Success:
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Whether you're just starting out with Cardify or expanding your use across teams and countries, let us help you set and achieve your business goals faster. Our experienced team of Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are here to guide and empower your team as you roll out Cardify to ensure a seamless transition to a more efficient and effective sales organization.

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What Customer Centricity means to us

Customer success is one of the founding principles of Cardify. We put organisations’ needs at the heart of our business. The people responsible for customer success at Cardify are ensuring that you as a client get the most out of the Cardify experience, whether this is by configuring the right solution or addressing issues. We strive for the best possible customer experience and satisfaction.

A smooth implementation with our success packages

In short:
DIY for the digitally savvy team
Full support from our Customer Success Team
Card design
2 designs created by us
Roll-out communications plan
Account setup
Admin training
1-on-1 demo
Team onboarding
1-on-1 (group) demo
Employee education
Educational mailflow
Educational mailflow
Kick-off guidance
Guidelines & tips
Personal support
Adoption review
Result analysis
1-on-1 review
Business impact survey
Survey result analysis
Help center
Mail support
Help center
Mail support
VIP support line
Not dedicated
€ 250,-

Your journey with Cardify Premier

1. Setup

You tell us who will use Cardify and we do the rest. We make sure that the users are uploaded, that the right branding is set and that every colleague has their own card.

2. Education

We make it our mission that everyone knows exactly how to use the product and the software, focusing on maximizing value.

3. Implementation

Once everyone knows what the product can do, we make sure you get the most out of it by encouraging and monitoring its use.

4. Analysis

We use the statistics and data to analyze how Cardify is used within your company. Does everyone make optimal use of it and if not, why does this happen and what can we do about it?

5. Ongoing guidance

We won't let you down after the launch. Our team is always at your disposal for questions or feedback.

Any questions?

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