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Cardify for early stage startups

Grow your startup faster now, with Cardify. Using Cardify for your sales and business development processes will give you an edge and 10X your efficiency right from the start. That's why we're giving 75% off to early stage startups! Ready to get started?

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Billed €420 annually upfront so you can focus on growing your business  

Easy setup - 10 users included

Get our Startup plan for a 75% discount off our Custom plan!

Grow your startup. We're rooting for you!

Just a few months ago, we were a small and sloppy team trying to digitize the business card industry. We questioned each part and that led us to develop and build an enablement tool that our customers would love to use. It's about giving those first customers that "aha" moment. Using Cardify, you can bring that moment to your customers by immediately providing them with the right information and collateral. Do you want to speed up your pipeline and turn the first interactions with your customers into meaningful conversations? We're here to help.

How to Qualify

It's easy. There are three simple requirements to get started:

You must be a new Cardify customer

You operate with fewer than 20 employees

You have less than $2M in funding

We can capture the engagement of potential customers earlier in the sales process, saving both their and your time because of lead intelligence.

That's why we're giving 75% off to startups like you. To make you stand out.
Annual price is only €420

(or €35 a month, basically 7 Lattes)

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