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Great to see you here. Startups who use Cardify turn first interactions into impactful conversations (and close deals faster). All at startup-friendly prices.

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Your priorities are ours

The best experience

56% of B2B buyers choose a vendor based on the buying experience. Make them hooked.

More time for selling

Two-thirds of a team's time is lost on contact research, data entry and other busywork.

Privacy regulations

Regular business cards limit the use of the information obtained for marketing purposes.

So, why not optimize?

Cardify for Startups is designed specifically to give startups the best solution to meet prospects in a smarter and more efficient way. Through Cardify, companies around the world can instantly share personalized content and other sales collateral, and exchange contact information from the first interaction they have with a prospect. No more busywork, promise.

In a nutshell, Cardify helps to:

content sharing
contact research
prospect engagement
Speed up
the entire funnel

What's included?

up to 10

Tappable cards

This tappable card works as an enabler for our system so you don't need to get out your phone everytime you meet someone. It's a cool feature that breaks the ice, big time.

12 months of

Cardify Pro

  • Cardify Web portal
  • Virtual and email branding
  • Data enrichment
  • Engagement monitoring

With Cardify Pro, you get a powerhouse of features and exclusive beta access to new features before anyone else. Cardify Pro helps you to work smarter than ever.

From hello to qualified lead real quick. You in?

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only € 9,99 / user
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*Cardify for Startups provides tappable cards and twelve (12) months of Cardify Pro for up to 10 employees, for € 9,99 / user VAT EX . Premium onboarding, add-ons, and integrations are not included. Use and access to Cardify platform and services under this program shall be governed by Cardify's Master Subscription Agreement and other applicable policies located on our website.