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Lead intelligence to speed up your sales pipeline

Give future customers exactly what they need at every part of their journey. Impactful interactions shorten sales cycles, make leads more engaged, and turn them into happy customers by ensuring that your sales reps have an unfathomable understanding of each interaction.

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You only have one first impression

Cardify gives your sales reps exactly what they need to break the ice and drive conversations with new leads - wherever they meet them. In person, through outreach campaigns, and anywhere in between. The people you meet receive all the information they need to make decisions from the first moment they meet you.

Empower your sales team

Give your sales team the ability to gain real-time insight into how prospects are interacting with shared content, delivered to your sales rep when they need it. First interactions last forever, now you have to live up to the expectations and follow-up effectively too.

Interactions that close sales deals

No more guesswork, no more administrative chores. Do leads match our persona? Which content scores best? Through contact and business information enrichment, matched with the lead engagement, you know how hot or cold your lead really is.

The future of sales

These trends define this new era of selling.


(only) of reps' time is spend on selling


of buyers choose a vendor based on experience


of reps want connected data across the journey


of sales teams use sales analytics to increase efficiency

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