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Getting to know people is fun when it comes to a personal matter. When it comes to selling your product and generating leads, it's important to get the most out of every conversation.

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Our solutions

Branded cards

A digital approach is one thing, using a strong physical icebreaker the other. Everything is possible with Cardify's fully customizable cards. Represent your company's innovative identity at every touchpoint.

Custom CTA's

Going digital has many advantages. One of them is to give potential customers everything within reach. Add custom call-to-actions to the scan page so that customers can communicate directly with your content.

CRM integration

Store all received contact information automatically in a chosen CRM system. You can activate your sales funnel or perform actions to qualify leads before sales representatives even reach the office.

Sales insights

Track every interaction in real-time starting from the first point of contact. Sales insights provides data-driven statistics on contact monitoring and lead generating performance.

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Let's take an example
The problem

One of our customers takes part in an annual fair in Italy. The cost of the fair is 200.000 euro. During the fair, a lot of contacts and opportunities are created but four days after the fair, the sales team is still busy processing received paper business cards. In addition, their CEO, based in NYC, has no insight into the lead generation performance of his sales team.

The solution

They implemented Cardify Pro whereby every team member receives a branded company card. In addition they also use Sales insights and a CRM integration.

The result

During the fair, they work with their Cardify card. The data is shared and stored in real time. When they get back to the office after the fair, all the data is already processed and linked with their CRM system in a GDPR-compliant way. With Sales insights, the CEO can follow his sales team and get real time insights in the performance of his team both in total contact points and generated leads.

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