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Wherever your team, keep everyone up to date

With a team on all sides of the world, it's hard to make sure everyone shares the right calls-to-action and content with new prospects. With Cardify, you can manage this centrally, no matter where or when you work.

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Your team is spread out. What they share is in one place

Give your remote teams the tools they need to network consistently at all times. Store sales collateral and documentation for new prospects in one central place. All your team has to do is share. Working remotely is challenging enough, don't let anyone worry about having the right content.

Aligned with the tools you love to use

The strength of a good tech stack is that all tools work neatly together. If your teams are in Singapore or LA, you want a reliable system to count on and manage it centrally. We integrate with the top CRMs and systems.

Tell a consistent brand story, no matter where

We guarantee that future customers all over the world get the same experience when connecting with your team. Whether this be in person or strictly online. Our tappable card and outreach features help you stand out.

Remote companies love us for this

Let the trends and numbers speak for itself


of CX pros love to get everything aligned


reduction in operational costs


agrees that consistent messaging is needed


improvement in productivity

Cardify works for all your teams

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