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Operational efficiency

The purchase of business cards every time someone gets a new role or is hired is both expensive and time-consuming.

Not to mention the operational cost of the laborious work your sales team does to process received contact information and ensure that they comply with all types of privacy policies.

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Our solutions

Cardify makes the whole process simple by automating all card issuing, management and processing activities. This not only saves you money on direct costs, but also on the inefficient work now involved in processing received cards, adding them to the CRM system, replenishing the cards' stock, faulty orders...

Tappable card

The use of a single card has many advantages, especially when it is linked to a digital system. This digital approach ensures that all information is centrally managed and retrieved when the card is scanned.

Card Central

With Card Central, the company saves time and money by keeping manual labour to a minimum. Everything from account to card management can be done in no time in an all-on-one dashboard.

CRM integration

Automatic storage of all information in the mobile app is handy. A linkage to your company's CRM system even more. This way, the risk of data loss is practically eliminated. Not only the contact information is stored here, but also the contact owner and a time stamp.

GDPR compliance

Before anyone returns their contact information, they will be asked to agree to the privacy policy so that you are in compliance with all regulations. Our way to solve the challenge of GDPR compliance.

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Let's take an example
The problem

One of our clients, a consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom, is strongly committed to innovation. That’s why they found it frustrating that everything around business cards was still manual. Processing received cards and ordering new cards when someone changes position, is an expensive process within the firm. Employees spend a considerable time on manual labour which costs the company a lot of money.

The solution

The firm chose to implement Cardify branded cards with a Cardify Pro package containing a CRM integration.

The result

The consultants now have a great icebreaker for meeting clients in their high touch consultancy firm. By using the CRM integration they are assured that they will not waste time processing received business cards. Cardify gives them the opportunity to save costs by continuing their vision on innovation and digitization.

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