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Data loss prevention

A lot can go wrong between the moment you exchange business cards and the moment you want to contact that person. Whether it concerns the loss of the information itself, improper processing, or the inability to use the information because of privacy regulations.

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Our solutions

Once someone scans your Cardify card, you are sure that your information has arrived with the client. They can now store it and never lose it. This also applies the other way around. The people you meet have the option to return their contact information to you immediately, all digitally.

CRM integration

Automatic storage of all information in the mobile app is handy. A linkage to your company's CRM system even more. This way, the risk of data loss is practically eliminated. Not only the contact information is stored here, but also the contact owner and a time stamp.

GDPR compliance

Before anyone returns their contact information, they will be asked to agree to the privacy policy so that you are in compliance with all regulations. Our way to solve the challenge of GDPR compliance.

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Let's take an example
The problem

Julian, a salesman of an American company, is a big fan of talking to customers and meeting new people. What he doesn't like is the processing of received business cards afterwards. After many conversations he is often very careless with the received cards and tends to leave them aside without doing anything with them. This is actually a shame, considering the fact that he has met many interesting people.

The solution

Julian's company implemented Cardify Pro with branded cards and a CRM integration for automated processing.

The result

Now all Julian has to do is have his card scanned when he meets someone and the rest is done automatically. After scanning his card, they send back their contact information digtally, which is automatically stored in his app and CRM system. The company has programmed an automatic mail flow, in which Julian thanks them and suggests a follow-up meeting. This way, he only has to concentrate on what he is good at.

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