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A digitized experience for your whole enterprise

When was the last time a software tool brought true value to your entire team? Sales reps, marketing executives, customer success managers... everyone's missing important touchpoint data that only tech can solve.

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Create a digital culture in your organization

It is time to digitize one last sticky process. Let your teams save time by capturing contact information, personalizing customer relationships and gathering insights. Discover the benefits of a virtual business card and increase your efficiency across the enterprise.

End expensive processes for both human and nature

Give your teams the gift of time by giving everyone access to the best networking tool. No more researching leads, spending money on paper cards, guessing if a new contact was really interested.

Make your brand stand out

Conversation isn't dead, it's just boring. In person: tap, share and track. Online: click and go. Be the talk of the town, focus on the bits that you like, and let Cardify keep you on brand and do all the rest.

The future of work is digital

and these numbers don't lie


reduction in operational costs


of paper business cards are throw away instantly


of bizdev people's time is spend on busy work


improvement in productivity

Cardify works for all your teams

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