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Engage prospects with a personalized experience.

Enable your future customers to instantly engage with the right content and messaging. Prevent them from getting a headache when navigating in a follow-up email full of attachments.

A better way to engage at each touchpoint

Pre-sales to post-sales

Pre-wire information and sales collateral and update it after a meeting with even more personalized content.

Share online and offline

Sharing is easy through our tappable card, a Share-link or using special URLs for outreach campaigns.

On-brand experiences

Each Shared Space is automatically equiped with your prospect's branding, including colors and logos.

Include what matters

Share contact information and various content, with whomever and wherever you meet.

Understand how buyers are engaging with what you share

Get real-time insights on how prospects are interacting with your shared information and content. You can use this data to determine interest and personalize follow-ups. Always stay up-to-date to ensure opportunities aren't lost.

Discover in detail

Engagement Software for Your Whole Team

If you're looking to make trustworthy connections, check out how different teams put Cardify to work.

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