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How Cardify Works

The ultimate win-win: no more busywork, while improving sales and increasing revenue.


Meet Kristen Harris, a sales leader who wants to digitize the process of how her team meets with future customers, partners and other stakeholders.


Create a virtual experience

Kristen can add all her information such as online profiles, contact info and content she wants to share on a Cardify virtual experience.

Content and actions

You can have new contacts take immediate action, such as initiating a free trial, or give them access to videos and presentations.


Share your link or tap your card

Kristen can now share her link via email or social channels, or have people tap her physical card to swiftly exchange all information. Within two seconds, new contacts have access to everything she wanted to share.

Tappable Card

Our contactless tappable card makes it easier to connect in person without touching anything. A simple tap against the phone triggers the system automatically.


Get to know your future customers

Kristen can now receive contact details from her new contact. Super fast and without the need to download any app or create an account.

patent pending technology

No app downloads

Anyone you meet can exchange with you without apps or accounts. They can simply return an email address and Cardify's advanced systems put together a contact record.


Contacts are enriched and stored securely

As finding new opportunities is important to Kristen, she reviews them regularly, adds notes, and learns more about their business without any admin.

CRM Integration

New contacts are automatically enriched and synced together with their key activity insights to your CRM in a single click.


Discover key touchpoints

Cardify lets Kristen know who interacted with her shared information. She can now focus her energy on people who are interested and tailor her follow-ups based on what they viewed.

Lead Intelligence

Visualize the actions your contacts take on shared content and contact information through Cardify Orbit so you can discover impact points.


Follow-up effectively

As a new contact engages a lot with Kristen's share. She personalizes a Smart Experience profile with more relevant content before sending a follow-up.

Smart Shares

Smart Shares give you the option to personalize your virtual card with more content, action buttons and messaging for the person you are sending it to.

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