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A smarter way of connecting with people

Harness the power of first interactions when meeting people. Share highly converting collateral online and in person right on the first meeting, understand key insights and become more personal with less effort.


Connect to people with the right messaging and information faster


Receive contact information and key business info of who you meet


Receive insights on their engagement and personalize follow-ups

Smart Shares

Pack everything you want to share, from presentations to videos, at a glance, so new contacts know exactly what they need to know every step of the way. They can see the content without downloading it, and you can keep track of who watched what.

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Content in Context

Manage, share and track documents you share with whomever you meet. Get real-time activity insights including time spent on each page or individual slide.

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Break the ice

Share any Smart Share information through our tappable card, via social channels, via email, using sales tools, and more. New contacts don't need an app and can send their info too without any effort.

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Enriched Contact and Company Information

On the exchange of a business email address, you receive a detailed record of all available contact and business information.

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Capture in Compliance

Unlike in the case of gathering info from LinkedIn Sales Navigator or paper business cards, privacy compliance and data security is guaranteed throughout the process.

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CRM Integration

Automatically save new contacts and sync their key activity insights to your CRM in a single click.

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Understanding Engagement

Get relevant insights on your contact's key activities on shared content and action buttons, enabling you to follow-up effectively.

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Matching Personas

Based on your predefined characteristics such as revenue target, location or industry and our data enrichment, you can see which leads match your persona and who to focus on.

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Adapt the Experience

Use analytics remove guesswork and update your Smart Shares with follow-up content and actions. Optimizing the user journey and keeping relevant.

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Engagement Software for Your Whole Team

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