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The most complete source of lead intelligence

The seller's single pane of glass for lead intelligence, lead engagement and content insights to create a better buyer/seller experience.

Engage Buyers

Deliver the right messaging and information at every buyer interaction

Capture Intelligence

Learn more about your leads through real time enrichment

Optimize with Insights

Dig into the key insights about lead engagement and personalize follow-ups.

Smart Shares

Pack everything you want to share, from presentations to videos, at a glance, so new contacts know exactly what they need to know every step of the way. They can see the content without downloading it, and you can keep track of who watched what.

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Content In Context

Manage, share and track documents you share with whomever you meet. Get real-time activity insights including time spent on each page or individual slide.

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Break The Ice

Share any Smart Share information through our tappable card, via social channels, via email, using leading sales tools, and more. New leads don't need an app and you can capture their information without any effort and privacy compliant.

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Enriched Contact and Company Information

From the moment someone interacts, you receive a detailed record of all available contact and business information, enriched in real time.

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Capture In Compliance

Unlike in the case of gathering info from scrapers or paper business cards, privacy compliance and data security is guaranteed throughout the process. An opt-in right from the start.

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Powerful Integrations

Integrate with customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation systems (MAS), and other essential technologies to increase your sales productivity.

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Understand What Works

Use key insights to understand your buyer's level of interest. Use that data to invest more in personalizing follow-ups to improve results.

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Artificial Intelligence

Cardify collects data on each interaction to learn how leads interact with sellers. This data feeds recommendations on what content to use and which actions to take to sell smarter and more personalized.

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Building a Predictive Loop

By analysing team performance and buyer interactions, you can remove the guesswork from your salesprocess and drive your organizational strategy – from content creation to sales guidance.

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Engagement Software for Your Whole Team

If you're looking to make trustworthy connections, check out how different teams put Cardify to work.

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