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The best conversations start with one card.

Greet buyers the way they want to be greeted. The business card as we know it today is simply not enough for modern businesses and their consumers. Make your business stand out and give sales reps the best tools at hand.

Cardify - Branding

Bring first interactions to life with the card

More and more buyers choose a vendor based on the buying experience. Leave them with a good first impression and start the conversation with something memorable.

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Branded cards are available in Cardify Pro;
Cardify card is also sold separately.
Cardify - Branding

Leave a mark with digital branding

Going digital means endless possibilities. Do you want to put a new collaboration or mood of the season in the spotlight? Your branding identifies your company so make sure it is represented at each touchpoint.

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Available in Cardify Essential and Pro
Cardify - CRM integrations

Speed things up with CRM integrations

In addition to the automatic storage of all information in the mobile app, you can also link your CRM system. Our data fulfilment algorithm will push as much data as possible to it. This keeps the time spent on contact research to a minimum.

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Available in Cardify Pro
Cardify - Sales insights

Measure engagement with sales insights

Gain insight into how often cards have been scanned and how many leads have been generated. Analyze prospects' engagement with the shared information and gain accurate insight into leads, interactions, and overall performance.
This data can be pushed and complemented with other systems for a complete picture of the sales process from the first interaction.

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Available late summer 2020
Cardify - Desktop view

Scale success with desktop view

A sleek mobile app is one thing. The ability to review contacts and leads on your desktop is something else. With the web version, you can increase efficiency with the ability to view the information in large format.

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Available in Cardify Essential and Pro

All those possibilities and still cheaper than paper

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