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You only have one first impression

Cardify helps you share content and contact info instantly, enriches returned data, and provides real-time engagement monitoring.

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Speed up the entire process

The first point of contact is crucial for the course of the meeting. Cardify's combination of a strong sharing tool for business information and content gives you the advantage you need, when and where you need it.

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Turn first interactions into conversations

Cardify shares content and contact information directly through a multi-use, tappable card. People you meet don't need an app nor an account - changing the whole approach in terms of usability.

Processing and enrichtment - all your contact has to do is share their work email address. Through our integrations, the system adds accurate business and contact information and forwards it to your CRM.

Reach out at the right time - with real-time activity alerts you know when key contacts are acting on your shared content, allowing you to increase conversion by reaching out when you're top of mind.

Stella Robinson just exchanged information with you.

New personal and company insights available.

Stella Robinson just opened 'deck-2020.pdf'

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Our core features

Just one card

Equip your team with a tappable card and don't lose the power of your brand. From physical to virtual, everything is custom.

Direct processing

Nobody wants to type in endless stacks of cards. Through a simple email address share, you exchange all content and we enrich it.

Engagement tracking

Not sure if that lead was hot or cold? Check our engagement feed to see how they interacted on your shared content and act upon it.

Cardify works where you work

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