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Completely free to get started. No credit card required.

Network Warrior plan can be billed monthly or annually.

Digital Nomad

Base set of tools to make a great first impression without bells and whisles.

Create your card

- One virtual card

- Unlimited social profiles

- QR code

- Your custom link

- Email footer

- Bio description

- Cardify mobile app

Network Warrior

Upgrade your networking experience and be the best-of-class.

Create your card
All the benefits of Digital Nomad, and:

- Collect contact details

- Unlimited links

- Add PDF content

- Contact enrichment

- Remove Cardify Logo

- Change header

- Change icon colors

- Web application

Standard card

For individuals looking to speed up networking

get your card
Fully-packed as standard:

- NFC-enabled card

- QR-code on the back

- Link any virtual card

- Custom integrations

Custom cards

For professional teams looking to go efficient

from €5/card
get custom price
Choose from our cards menu:

- Matte or glossy

- SPOT UV logo

- Name embossing

- Custom design on both sides

Looking to onboard your entire team? Put together a custom plan with centralized management.

Want more lead intelligence?

In addition to meeting people in an efficient and fast way, we have launched Leadcamp, a lead intelligence platform to help you focus your sales efforts.

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