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Special terms and conditions for using Cardify as a contract tracking solution ('Cardify for Hospitality')

Companies in the hospitality sector (‘hospitality Businesses’), such as bars, restaurants and hotels, can use Cardify free of charge as a temporary solution for collecting contact details relating to the COVID-19 pandemic measures proposed by the Belgian government.

Hospitality Businesses are only allowed to register via - registering via the regular Cardify system does not lead to the hospitality functionalities needed to successfully capture the necessary information.

Important is that Cardify for Hospitality’ is used correctly and consistently. By this we mean, among other things:

Without correct and consistent use, the data available to Cardify for Hospitality is neither accurate nor complete, and users cannot be warned consistently.

Cardify for Hospitality is not an alternative to medical guidelines such as "Stay in your room" and social remoteness. Even with correct and consistent use of Cardify for Hospitality, a user may still become infected with COVID-19.

Not every person a user comes into contact with will use Cardify for Hospitality. In such a case, the hospitality business cannot warn users either. The more people consistently use Cardify for Hospitality, the better the result will be for everyone.

The QR codes are intended for use within a hospitality environment. They are preferably placed by the entrance of the premises so they can be scanned by every person entering the building. Of course, make sure the location does not lead to too many people gathering around the QR code and guarantee social distancing.

No one should be forced to use this Cardify for Hospitality system, it is used voluntarily at any time. We are not responsible for misuse, erroneous data entry and monitoring of the exchange.

Cardify BV ("Cardify") operates, exploits and maintains certain SaaS Products and Services ( "Products and Services") for and on behalf of Cardify customers' use and benefit.

Cardify may change these terms and conditions at any time, and all such changes are effective immediately upon posting a revised version on the Cardify website. You should review these Terms and Conditions often to stay informed of changes that may affect You. Your Interactions constitute Your continuing agreement to these terms and conditions, as they are amended from time to time.