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With the card gently touching the back of the phone and the subtle dark blue, our word mark is easy to recognize.

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Our primary logo is dark blue on a (broken) white background. This is to create an outstanding feel as we continue to make advanced enablement software available to all.

Cardify Blue

RGB: 3 30 73

HEX: #031F4B

Almost White

RGB: 241 245 250


Logo on color

In certain situations, the dark blue full-colour logo can be used on dark or contextually colored backgrounds, as long as there is a 7:1 contrast ratio. In all other situations, we recommend using the white logo. Color contrasts can be checked here.

Clearing space

To make sure the logo always looks good and readible. It should be surrounded with a minimum clear space. This insulates the logo from distracting elements such as other logos orillustrations. Use half the icon's size to determine the minimum amount of safe space that should surround them.

If copy appears below the logo, you should measure safe space from the bottom of the logo to the x-height of the text, unless it is oversized.

Minimum size

The logo and symbol should always be big enough to see and read clearly. This means the mimimum digital size should always be larger than 70px.

70px in digital

20mm in print

Mistakes happen

The Cardify logo is an important expression of our brand identity. It should in no way be distorted or redrawn when applied to communications. Because the logo is such a recognizable and highly visible brand asset, it is vital that it is always applied consistently.

Never modify or abbreviate the name Cardify. The "C" is always capitalised.

Please avoid the following:


By using the Cardify trademarks and resources on this site, you agree to follow the our Brand Guidelines ‐ as well as our Terms of Service and all other Cardify rules and policies. If you have any questions, contact us at Please submit your request in English (non-English materials must come with translations).

We request that you complete the below form once for each instance you're requesting to use the brand. Do not include multiple purposes in one application. Cardify reserves the right to object to any inappropriate uses of its trademarks and to enforce its rights at any time.

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