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Main palette

The following colors are used for text and other main elements.

Highlight Blue

RGB: 0 172 232

HEX: #00ace8

Highlight Pink

RGB: 230 50 113

HEX: #e63271

Cardify Blue

RGB: 3 30 73

HEX: #031F4B

Supporting palette

The following colors are mainly used for backgrounds and gradients against highlight colors.

Almost White

RGB: 241 245 250

HEX: #f1f5fa

Edge Blue

RGB: 68 66 244

HEX: #4442f4

Accent Purple

RGB: 100 8 219

HEX: #6408db

Secundairy palette

The following colors are only used in very rare occasions.

Light Blue

RGB: 24 207 241

HEX: #18cff1

Dark Blue

RGB: 0 77 156

HEX: #004d9c

Not Black

RGB: 9 6 26

HEX: #09061a


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