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Brand Use Requests

Any usage of Cardify brand elements needs special approval and must be submitted in English through brand[at]getcardify[dot]com. We request that you complete the below form once for each instance you're requesting to use the brand. Do not include multiple purposes in one application.

Cardify reserves the right to object to any inappropriate uses of its trademarks and to enforce its rights at any time.

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Legal Requirements

Trademark Symbols

In communications distributed in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States, the appropriate symbol (®) must follow the Cardify brand the first time it is mentioned in the body copy. You do not need to use brand symbols on product communications distributed outside the areas mentioned above.

Don't add trademark symbols to headline copy or to the artwork provided by Cardify.

The use of the trademark without the registered symbol (®) is an infringement of the trademark and will be treated as such.

Credit lines

Use the appropriate credit line in all communications worldwide, mentioning the Cardify brand and products included in your communications or advertising. Include the credit line only once in your communication or website, and place the credit line anywhere you make a legal notice. Follow standard practices for placing legal copies, such as providing interactive links.

Use the following format for distribution within Belgium only:

Cardify is a registered trademark of Cardify BV.

For distribution outside Belgium, use one of the following international credit notices:

Cardify is a trademarks of Cardify BV, registered in the Belgium and other countries.

Cardify is a trademark of Cardify BV, registered in (the UK / the USA / Europe).

Association with Cardify

Your used images, Cardify product images, or photographs thereof cannot be used in any manner that falsely suggests an association with Cardify.

Also, please do not use the Cardify brand together with any other brand or in any co-branded communications before you have a clearance of Cardify's brand department.