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Turn first interactions into conversations

Cardify helps teams meet smarter and faster

What does sales success look like?

Step 1

Make sure the pitch is compelling and memorable.

Step 2

The buyer is engaged and has access to all resources.

Step 3

The buyer information is immediately processed.

Step 4

Engagement is measured and the sales funnel triggered.


We promise you..

The most complete business card solution for better customer experience, SQL management and engagement monitoring.

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Don't trust our word, trust the numbers

53% choose experience

More and more buyers want a memorable experience and choose a vendor based on that experience


66% efficiency increase

Two-thirds of the time of a sales team is lost to non-sales activities such as contact research and data entry.

2018 Salesforce State of Sales

80% lower costs

The choice of a digital approach saves the company a lot of money and working time for the team.

Cardify research

See what others have to say

London, UK

"Just one card"

The nice thing about Cardify is that I still keep that physical gesture, but then linked to a fully digital system. Just one card to rule them all.

San Francisco, USA

"No apps required"

The people I meet scan or tap my card simply with their phone. They can immediately see all my contact info and return theirs. All this without them having to download new apps or create an account.

Rome, Italy

"No more processing"

Never realized how much I hated exchanging and processing paper business cards until I saw the Cardify demo. Never going back again!

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