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The Business Card. Reinvented. Forever.

Meet people anywhere. Exchange information faster. Share relevant content with anyone. Receive automated contact intelligence. With Cardify as your business card, nothing falls through the cracks.

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#1 Teams Digitize Interactions With Us

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Wherever you are, connect smarter

Wherever you meet someone, on social media, in the metro or at an event. You can use our technology on any channel and get in-depth insights about who you've just met.

easy and fast

No, there's no app needed

Unlike paper business cards, using Cardify enables you to actually use the received information. You can capture leads in full compliance and with ease of mind.

contact enrichment

Real-time contact insights

You don't have to processes any business cards ever again. Cardify enriches new contacts in real-time - literally in a split second. You only have to follow-up.

Yes, of course you can customize

From removing Cardify branding and adding your own colour-scheme to creating your own custom physical cards, we can help.

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