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The fastest business card experience ever made.

We rebuilt the business card experience from the ground up. We have questioned every interaction and designed it specifically for those of you who want the best and act fast.

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It's only one card

What if you could share your contact information in the blink of an eye and stop manually entering or scanning received business cards? You have come to the right place. One business card to rule them all!

Cardify - Immediate share-back

Effortless networking

The people you meet scan or tap your card with their phone. This way, they will go straight to a temporary contact page. There's no need to download new apps or create new accounts.

Cardify - boosting time efficiency

Boost time efficiency

Someone you shared your details with can immediately and digitally share their contact details with you. The information received is automatically processed in your app or CRM system. Exchanging and processing paper business cards is no longer necessary.

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