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The Only Card  You’ll Ever Need

Cardify tappable cards come with integrated NFC technology and a QR-code on the back to transmit all your information effortlessly. No app needed.

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Share your information in 3 simple steps!

Let people tap on your NFC card or scan the QR code from card or mobile app.
Recipients can now store your information in their phone without having to use an app.
You can now also get contact information back from the people you just met, all digitally.

#1 Teams Digitize Interactions With Us

simply the fastest

Share your info with anyone you meet.

Wherever you interact with someone, on social media, or in person, you can use Cardify to transfer and receive contact info and get in-depth insights about who you've just met.

Virtual yet physical

Different cards for different ocassions.

You can create unlimited virtual business cards and link them to your tappable physical card. That way, you can tailor the information you share to the occasion.

more info than any other tool

Real-time contact insights.

You don't have to processes any business cards ever again. Cardify enriches new contacts in real-time - literally in a split second - with personal and company information.

Of course, we have custom cards

We are experts in professional virtual and physical cards. From removing Cardify branding and adding your own color-scheme to creating customized physical cards, we help you get to premium level.

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